“Symbiosis” as part of Breastfeeding Debate

Hip Mama´s editor, Ariel Gore, participates on this panel about Breastfeeding and talks about the controversy and dialog my artwork has caused after being on the cover of her magazine.

Hosted by:

  • Marc Lamont Hill


Kimberly Seals Allers (New York, NY) Author and Advocate

Ariel Gore (Los Angeles, CA) HP Blogger; Editor and Publisher Of Hip Mama Magazine

Jamilah Lemieux  (New York, NY) Senior Editor,


It is also an honor to have my artwork contribute to the good news of the past month. Thanks Soraya Chemaly.

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  1. Sandra
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    Great. Gracias Ana Alvarez-Errecalde por su ousadia y seguridad in hacerse las personas a exponerse con lo que es de mas natural en el parto y amamantacion de un bebe! Si se puede cambiar las reglas socialies, en espacial las que opresionan a cualquiera ser humano! Un abrazo con carino de una Brasiliena, Sandra Hernandes La Cantadora.

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